Gang Life 101: Bloods and Crips

If you have ever been listened to a west coast rappers song, or watched the old school movies about growing up in LA, than you have heard of the bloods and the crips. A lot of blood gang knowledge and crip gang knowledge is in this article and we will go over it.

bloods and crips

These two gangs are probably the most well know street gangs in the world. Although they are not as active in the whole turf war, and hood claiming as they were in the 80’s and 90’s they still have a lot of gang activity and there are murders and crimes committed daily from both gangs.

Here we will look into some of the history behind the gangs and show how it all started.

Who are the Bloods

The Bloods are actually made up a huge number of different gangs, usually called sets. Although they started in los angeles, there are now hundreds of Blood gang members all over the world.

The bloods are known to wear the color red and their biggest rivals are the Crips. They also beef with other gangs as well, but the most well known beef is with the crips. There are even some blood gangs that beef with other blood gangs.

The bloods started in the late 80’s when the Crips tried to take over some areas in los angeles. The bloods were created to stop this invasion and to combat this attack. The first blood gangs were already established as a separate ¬†entity, but took on the blood identity when the crips were trying to take over.

Who are the Crips

The Crips were also established in the 80’s, they were the more dominating gang back in the day because of their vast numbers and strength. The bullied and took over rivaling gangs in los angeles.

Their biggest rivals are the bloods, but they also beef with other crip gangs.

Like the Bloods, the Crips are made up of multiple different sub sets, and are also world wide.

There is a ton of info on the bloods and crips over at Gang Kulture, if you want to learn more. This is just some basic info on the two gangs.